Signs To Leave Casino

Gambling responsibly is a bigger task than you think it is. You need to keep track of everything to understand what is going on and make decisions rationally, which at a casino, is really hard work; considering the fact that everything in a casino was designed to keep you distracted. So here are a few signs that are clear indications that you need to get out of the casino as soon as possible.


You Are Drunk

It is not a coincidence that casinos just happen to give free food and drinks to customers. They are constantly trying to bait you into getting drunk so that your decision making skills are impaired. When you are drunk, the less likely you are to make logic based decisions and the more likely to succumb to peer pressure and bet more money than you can afford.


Your Bankroll is Running Dry

If you are losing more money than expected, you are not gambling anymore, you’re giving the casino all your money. The more you play a single game over time, even with all the luck in the world, the house will get the advantage and drain your money. So if you’re been at a game for a long time and seem to lose money, that is a clear red flag that it is time to quit either the game or the casino.

You Lose Track Of Time

It is pretty easy to lose track of time in a casino, especially since there are no windows or clocks to give you a sense of it. If you feel like you are losing track of time and feel like you have been in the casino far more than you intended to, it is probably safer to get out of there immediately. To keep track of time, always wear a wrist watch or maybe carry around a pocket watch so that you might accidentally come across it when you are reaching your money and realise what time it is. Time management is really that much more important than you think it is in a casino.

You Lose Yourself In The Moment

Long hours of drinking, gambling and staying up all night can lead to nausea and migraines. If you find yourself playing and betting even while feeling uncomfortable, nauseous, dizzy or having a headache, the best option is to get out of the casino as quick as possible. If your thinking is compromised, you are no longer a gambler, you are a money making machine for the casino, which does not spell anything good for you or your bank account. So to prevent that you need to have a plan in mind before you reach the casino so that you don’t spend too much time in it.

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