‘FORWARD MOTION” Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, Ca – Feb. 2015

‘AKRUVA’ THE LOIN, San Francisco, Ca – Nov. 2013

‘THE NEW RACE’ White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA – Jan. 2013

‘VENERATION” 323 East Gallery/ 1x Run, Detroit, MI – Oct. 2012

‘MAKE AN EFFORT’ White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA – July 2011

‘EXHIBIT A’ Gallery Three, San Francisco, CA – OCT. 2010

‘SAN FRANCISCO YOUTH REPORT’ Gallery Three, San Francisco, CA – Sept. 2009

‘NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH’ Cafe Royale, San Francisco, CA – May. 2009

‘LIVE FOREVER’ Babylon Falling, San Francisco, CA – Jan. 2009


Dreamers Art Festival: Was invited along with artist, Eddie Colla down to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We were among sixteen international muralists commissioned to create murals throughout the city.

Memento Mori: Participated in massive two artist installation woth Eddie Colla at ARTWORKS DOWNTOWN in San Rafeal, Ca.

Cotton Mill Street Art Project: Created two collaborative mixed media outdoor murals with Eddie Colla to coincide with massive outdoor mural project through ‘Chopsticks’. – July 2013

ReCreate ATX: Hope Campaign in coordination with Empty Kingdom sent myself and other artist to paint massive murals in Austin, TX to coincide with SXSW. – March 2013

Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project: San Francisco – Feb. 2013, Oct. 2011

ArtisMobilUs: Created Massive mural to displayed along bus/mobile gallery (along with Eddie Colla, on other side of bus). Oakland, CA – Feb. 2013

Poptimism: Created Massive collaboration mural with Hugh Leeman for Art Nouveau Magazine’s fifth year anniversary show at Betti Ono Gallery. Oakland, CA – Feb 2013

Epilogue: Created massive gallery installation with Eddie Colla and Hugh Leeman at Hold Up Gallery in Los Angeles. The primary focus of the installation was to depict life during and after an world changing apocalyptic event. Los Angeles, CA – Sept. 2012

TKU Karma Underground: Was a part of massive mobile projection project/ fundraiser hosted by ‘The Karma Underground’. Mobile building sized projections of various artists work were shown in various US cities. Its primary aim is to raise awareness on human rights violations in Tibet and build money for schools in that region. – May 2012

All Saints: Participated in clothing collaboration with All Saints, a London based clothing company. We producing a limited edition series of graphic images printed on various clothing. London, England – Dec. 2011

Red Bull Music Academy: I was selected (along with Eric Otto) to create my own version of Red Bull Music Academy logo. The 6ft long sculpted/ hand painted piece was used for the NYC/SF Music Academy lecture series. – Dec. 2011

Edinburgh Street Art Project: Toured around Edinburgh, Scotland with photographer Lisa Fleming documenting personal street art campaign. – Sept. 2011



Le Luz de Jesus Gallery ‘Coaster Show’ Los Angeles, CA

111 Minna Gallery ‘New Works by D Young V, Eddie Colla and Hugh Leeman’ San Francisco, CA

(Three artist show w/ Eddie Colla, Hugh Leeman)


Art Works Downtown ‘Memento Mori’ San Rafael, CA

(Two artist show/installtion w/ Eddie Colla)

Guantlet Gallery ‘Sex, Drugs, Money & Guns’ San Francisco, CA

Guantlet Gallery ‘Canvas Collection Launch Party’ San Francisco, CA

Ian Ross Gallery ‘Made In China’ San Francisco, CA

Breeze Block Gallery ‘Buddy System Invitational’ Portland, OR

CALB: Cultural Alliance Long Beach ‘Wilmore 9 Festival’ Long Beach, CA

Keystone Fine Arts ‘Possessed’ Los Angeles, CA

Gauntlet Gallery ‘Visions And Reflections’ San Francisco. CA

Modern Eden Gallery ‘Tarot: The Art Of Fortune’ San Francisco, CA

Loakal Gallery ‘Last Rites’ (Collab. piece for Filthgrime solo show) Oakland, CA

Betti Ono Gallery ‘Poptimism’ Oakland,CA


Hold Up Gallery ‘Epilogue’ Los Angeles, CA

(Three artist show/installation w/ Hugh Leeman/Eddie Colla)

Loakal Gallery ‘Carpe Diem’ Oakland, CA

Old Crow Tattoo ‘Stand Tall 3’ Oakland, CA

Art Now NY ‘A Survey of Contemporary Urban Art’ New York, NY

White Walls Gallery ‘Winter Group Show’ San Francisco, CA


941 Geary ‘The City We Love’ San Francisco, CA

941 Geary ‘Indoor Mural Project’ San Francisco, CA

Old Crow Tattoo ‘Stand Tall 2’ Oakland, CA

White Walls Gallery ‘Winter Group Show’ San Francisco, CA

Le Spec Gallery ‘Friendly Fire’ Los Angeles, CA

Lopo Gallery ‘Urban Osmosis’ San Francisco, CA

Project One ‘Warhol Reimagined’ San Francisco, CA

Chopsticks ‘Art Murmur Mural Project’ Oakland, CA


White Walls Gallery/ ‘Arts Fund Expo – Miami Art Basel’ Miami. FL

Arts Fund

White Walls Gallery ‘Winter Group show’ San Francisco, CA

941 Geary ‘From the Streets to the Cube’ San Francisco, CA

Gallery Heist ‘So Much Is Burning’ San Francisco, CA

Gallery Heist ‘We Ride At Night’ San Francisco. CA

Cafe Royal ‘Hipster Apocalypse’ San Francisco, CA


Babylon Falling ‘The End Is Near’ San Francisco, CA

Gallery Heist ‘Now Or Never’ San Francisco, CA